About Us

We’re proud to be different.

About Us

We’re proud to be different.

What Makes us Different?

A lot of marketing agencies claim to be “different” at the outset, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty of day to day collaboration, the seamlessness of simple communication, regular feedback and clear, strategised action, the result was often the same. So, two brummies with a ton of experience and a bit of time on their hands decided to create Tulpa Digital – a truly different enterprise with a focus on providing value at every step of the journey.

Meet The Team

Our Co-Founder, Demy

Our Co-Founder, Demy

Demy is a digital and content marketing expert with a First Class honours in Business and Marketing. Proficient in the full digital marketing mix, including strategy and SEO, she has helped businesses of all sizes climb to the top of Google through creating user and search engine friendly content.

Demy has taught Content Marketing Strategy at Undergraduate level at Birmingham City University, proving that she really does know her stuff!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a health and wellness business or immersed in technical sales, Demy’s broad experience means that we’ll be able to find a solution for you!

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Our Co-Founder, Tom

Our Co-Founder, Tom

With a BA in Creative Writing and diverse range of sales and marketing experience under his belt, Tom is a dab-hand at running sales departments, managing teams and delivering digital marketing content for businesses of all sizes.

Experienced in building social media accounts from the ground up, Tom knows how to be in the right place at the right time to earn that all-important engagement!

Tom’s technical background has made him proficient in translating complex or technical information into readable, engaging content. If you want sales strategy, sales focused content or a helping hand with social media management, Tom’s your man. 

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What We’re All About…

Method Statement

We seek to use marketing to empower businesses, to further the digital marketing revolution and to use our privilege to be a force for good wherever possible.

Vision Statement

To be our beloved Birmingham’s most popular Digital Marketing Agency. To offer a new kind of business based on collaboration, opportunity, innovation and fair treatment for everyone.

Value Statement

Pay it forward. Do as little damage to the planet as possible. Be kind to people. Always be learning. Never be too proud to admit our shortcomings. Don’t be a d**k, basically…

We Keep Our Promises

We’re proud to be different – that’s why each of the following is a promise we pledge to keep. Why? Because in our experience, these are the promises that matter.

We won’t bamboozle you with jargon.

We’ll always be upfront and honest.

No unexpected bills or charges. Ever.

We’ll never ghost you when you need us.

What is a Tulpa?

Tulpa [tul-pah]: noun

A being or object that is created in the imagination

A brand is like a Tulpa – creating one takes vision and focus.

Sometimes it can feel like your marketing objectives are frustrating and intangible. Close enough to see, but try to grasp them, and they slip through your fingers like smoke. We can make these goals a reality – all it takes is a bit of tulpamancy.

We bring ideas, and marketing, to life. If you dream of breathing new life into your marketing, bolstering your brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader – you’ve found your people. Working together, we’ll create a vision of how your marketing should look – and then make it a reality!